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    Can someone tell me how good this is on US Cellular because I am thinking of getting this phone but i've heard they give more options with it on verizon. Can someone back this up for me and tell me what is diff?

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    well i sell cellphones occasionally at best buy and the problem with the VG 6000 is a cool phone, but i can't use it because it is a digital only phone, i travel to fairbanks occasionaly and the majority of the trip is in an analog only area, SO, i can't use that phone on my drives, which is why i use Cellular One's GSM phones, which work most of the way up, there is more dead zone than with an analog only phone, but the benefits outweigh the downsides, because the dead zones are more common but smaller than it would be with the 6000

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    The best phone to have on USCellular is a tri mode. I have a USCellular contract in S.E. I daho and go from analog to digital signal alot. It is to hard to get all digital signals in the mouantains. Allthough the new 1X digital service works alot better I still have to use analog signal every once in a while.

    The best free phone USCellar has is the Kyocera kx414. It is a tri-mode phone and has a color screen and alot of useful features. It is the first phone I have seen with a tip calculator. I actually use it all the time. I have had my kx414 for a couple of months now and it has worked great. However; it did not come with a car charger and USCellular charges $14.95US for one. I found some on the internet for $2.00US.
    So my advice would be to look for accesseries somewhere else besides USCellular.

    I have found the customer service people at USCellular very easy to win over. I have talked them into free text messaging or putting credit on my account, etc.... I have used them for about 7 years and they are reliable. They used to have the best signal around here, but I think Verizon has them beat. My friends with Verizon have made calls from deep wooded areas that I can't. But the USCellualr plans are better.

    Verizon charges alot for the extra features. And if you get the kx414 from verizon it will NOT include games. They charge you for the games, while USCellular includes them on the phone. I would reccomend the USCellular.
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    I just got the VX6000 on USCellular yesterday.

    I'll let you know if anything goes wrong. Feel free to IM me or anything.

    LOVE the phone so far. I live near Chicago, IL

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    Lg phone with us cellular

    The 6000 is a awesome phone if you are in a good digital area like chicago but I have that phone for my husband and he can't use it at his work because he works in a brick basement. Its a good phone if you live in a good service area and that manufactuer makes very good phones I work for us cellular and I rarely see those phones go in for repair.

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