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    anbody have this provider?
    is it any good?

    See More: US Cellular

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    Re: US Cellular

    Originally posted by 71CH
    anbody have this provider?
    is it any good?
    71CH. in general, YES, they are a very good provider. To some extent it depends on where you live in the US. US Cellular's markets are widely separated (Oregon-Washington-California, Wisconsin-Illinois, Maine-NH-VT, for example). In almost all markets they've converted to CDMA, and it is a big improvement over the previous TDMA technology.

    I've had them here in NH for 7 years and really have had no problems, either with dropped calls or "no coverage". They have the best coverage in the state, and when I am out of state I usually am roaming on Verizon's network, so no problem there.

    In addition, their prices are significantly lower than most competitors for an equivalent number of minutes. Their churn rate (defections vs. new adds) is significantly lower than most other carriers, so they must be doing something right.

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    us cellular

    us cellular is a good co. i have been with them sends april 2004. i have been with alltel sents 1996 but us cellular bets them in my local area.
    uscc wide area family plan 1000 min/unlimited night & weekend @7pm
    unlimited text/free calling to any uscc phone

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    I have use USCellular for about 6 years. They have provided the best customer service out of the companies I've delt with(Sprint,Verizon,Cleartalk, and T-Mobile). They have allowed me to change my plan without extra charges and even allowed me to cancel a contract becouse I moved out of area for a while. They also have givin me the best prices on phones.

    The only complaint that I have is with thier accessories. I have talked tham out of a free faceplate when I signed up(a couple of times now), but the prices in their store are outrageous. If you need accessories for a USCellular phone I would recommend looking online for a better price. Thats it, my only complaint. Must be a good company to work with.
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    they dont use sim cards, so u can use like no good phone with them

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    I have them, the only thing I dont like is my phone doesnt have WAP.
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    My sister and a very good friend of mine both have US Cellular and they both seem to be very happy with the service they have. Both of them have the LG VX6000 phone which is a nice camera phone, I am in the middle of doing some experimenting with US Cellular on how to recieve ringtones through email.

    I have Nextel and I dont know what to say but they are probably the best I've had other than the plans are expensive. One thing about US Cellular is that I have seen some of their plans and I was shocked to see how they got soo many minutes compared to what I get and what I pay for, but ehh what can you do, I love my chirp.

    I think you will be happy with US Cellular, have some nice phones and are easy on the pockets...

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