OK, I think I have figured out what might be wrong with my phone. I have a LG LX10 phone. 99% of the time, it stays in analog. Being in analog caused different problems, like battery dying after 10 hours of non-use.

I called US Cellular on this and they had me try dialing *228 and updating my system. I finally got in a good spot and tried that, but no help. I even tried it again a few days later.

I called the place where I got the phone and walked through a couple of things. We dont think its the physical phone, but the service. We noticed that under serving system, the channel kept on changing. As I play with it now, it is going from 777 to 333 to 283 and so on. The lady called a good resource of hers, and he said my phone was in a "test mode." That resource was out of town and didn't have his notes on him. She would try and keep me updated.

I was hoping someone might know of this test mode and how to modify it. Thanks for any info.

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