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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    What exactly do we follow is it there is possibility of using cdma phone in US without going through an undue stress or not?

    See More: CDMA phones and US Cellular
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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    US Cellular does not track ESNs. While in store they will not activate a phone suspected of being from another carrier. However over the phone does work. You can activate nearly ANY CDMA phone through US Cell by "backdooring" it over the phone. Tell the rep you speak to you bought it off ebay, or craigslist or some such. If they ask if it is a US Cellular phone, say "yes". The hitches: If it is not a Samsung, LG, Motorola, or Keocera they will not activate it. Workaround? Tell them it's one of those makers, and have a model number ready that is one US Cellular supports. EasyEdge (US Cell's mini net app service) will not work on non-USCC phones because it is partially intergrated in the handset software. If you have a smartphone it MUST be either Blackberry or Windows Mobile. This is just a guess but I do not believe that any other sort of smartphone would work properly. Last couple of little hitches, you could not get it repaired. Bring a non-USCC phone to a technician and the first thing they would do is flash to more compatible software and assume you were tinkering in your phones software. If it is not a model supported by USCC then it would not be flashed and at best you would walk out with a broken phone. At worst they would file a remedy ticket with customer servive. Also, if you ever need to file an insurance claim your phone will be replaced with the model you told them, not with something comparible to the phone you actually have. As far as I know there is no REAL penalty for sneaking a phone onto your account that never came from USCC, just the risk of losing the repair service and small parts of the data not working properly. Hope this has been helpful

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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    If you know what you're doing, you can activate any CDMA phone over the telephone. It's not a big deal. All features work if you have the correct plans available. I have a friend that has a Verizon phone, but has USCC service. It's a smartphone and we called, had it activated, upgraded to the data package, and was done! Everything works. The only thing is you can not get insurance protection because it's another carriers phone. But everything else is GOOD!

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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    Quote Originally Posted by bto425 View Post
    Just want to bump this thread up...

    I am in a similar situation where I would like to use a Sprint Blackberry on US cellular.

    I have been told by several people including US cell and independent cell reps that its too complicated to do.

    Any advice on what I should try?? THANKS!!
    Sprint is not compatible (AFAIK) because their network is the digital PCS vs. regular cdma like Verizon but then that's what I was told last year. It may be that the BlackBerry hardware is one that supports multiple networks, though - in that case the advice given above might work.

    I once activated a Verizon Kyocera Palm phone with USCellular but in the end it was so much of a hassle that I ended up going to a GSM unlocked phone with a no contract network.


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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    Well hi guys I have a codes u can buy any Samsung phone from uscellular and activate on Verizon or sprint sorry guys but u lock it's weak lol interesting right ? Yea it is let me know if someone has a cheap us Samsung galaxy s iii I will be happy to help u

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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    I have an unlocked galaxy s5 that I bought from a third party. I want to connect it to US cellular but they are giving me a hard time over the phone saying they cant activate phones not bought from them. Any help with this or anyone know of any tricks?

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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    Hello ,

    Is there any way to unlock LG G3 US Cellular?CDMA Mobile


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    Re: CDMA phones and US Cellular

    I have a friend that has a US Cellular phone that I wanted to buy a Samsung 4, I have Total Wireless for my carrier can I activate the phone if I get a new sims card or can't it be done?

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