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    I'am having problems with US Cellular. What they are doing is charging me for an International call that I did not make. I had never made an International call before so I don't have a clue on how to make them. I tried so many times to talk to them to see if they could remove the call. They refuse to. I'am now stuck with a high bill.

    I tried to call US Cellular to talk about my bill again since they raised it up and I got a rude woman who is one of the financial employees who kept wanting a payment over the phone.

    Has anyone had this same problem? I need advice on this problem.


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    Re: Problems with US Cellular

    I have nevered had this problem I might be able to help you with it. I am an agent. Now the thing is you might have called some kind of business requesting product information or assistance of some kind and have been calling out of the country to one of their locations now there is no charge for 1800 #s.

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