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    I just purchased the Motorola Hint from U.S. Cellular and I see that I can access my e-mail...Is this free?
    I did not sign any data or easy edge plan and when signing into the e-mail client, a small phone icon appears in the top left corner as it does when making a normal call.

    Any information is appreciated!

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    Re: Motorola Hint e-mail charges with US Cellular?

    In this day in age I have realized that nothing is free. Having said that I would call US Cell customer service and see how much you are being charged. I looked at the web site and nowhere does it say you need a data plan, but I also saw it does do e-mail. If you dont have easyedge I'm sure there charging you some outrages amount per MB to use e-mail on your phone. Like I said calling Customer Service will probably get the answer quicker then here. Hope this helps.

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