Have been studying the following but felt I should turn to a smarter group who know these things before making the leap. Here’s the scenario…

We have a Pixel 2 XL phone. It is a Verizon purchased phone. Love it. Looking to upgrade to a Pixel 3a.

Questions are… is the move to a Pixel 3a worth the leap? Or just go to the Pixel 4 eventually, that worth it? The 3a’s appear to have dropped in price making it attractive.

We are not sure we will stay with Verizon. Hence do not want to go thru Verizon to upgrade and get tied further to them. So more questions are… is it possible to purchase a Google Pixel 3a, or 4something, and use what I believe is an ‘unlocked’ Pixel on Verizon and perhaps at some point later, another network? Can we use the same SIM card we currently have now on a Pixel 3a or 4something?

Or what is the process for going with is what I gather a Pixel 3a ‘unlocked’ phone that will work with Verizon, or other carriers? Do I have that right? Or what parts am I missing?

I’ve been doing homework, but need to ask a saged group their opinions. tx

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