A year ago I retired an iPhone5 (classic) and replaced it with an iPhoneSe 2020. When I registered it with Verizon we removed the SIM and put it in the new phone. When someone calls the new phone rings, not the old.
However, today on an Apple forum a text to my phone number was sent to my number and it showed up on the iPhone5!
For a year I've only been using the wireless at home to stream news when I'm exercising or cooking. It saves on hearing aid batteries.
How did a text end up on my iPhone5?
I tried calling the local Verizon store, but I needed a PIN to talk to anyone. Their end told me about my most recent payment. I didn't want to look up the PIN. I called on my landline and they insisted that I set up an account before they would answer my call. How do these people stay in business?
My posting here on a public forum instead of settling this on the phone is bad for their reputation.

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