Here's my problem. I got a Virgin Mobile phone for Christmas (it's a Motorola RAZR V3c) and I'm totally happy with the phone. The problem is the provider. I'm a big texter and the highest text plan Virgin Mobile Canada offers is 100 texts for $5 (you can buy this ONCE a month). When I'm sending 1500-2000 texts a month this comes out to an obscene cost just for texting. Really, what I need is an unlimited texting plan.

I found out that Virgin Mobile Canada is half owned by Bell Mobility and shares the same wireless network. Is it in any way possible for me to switch from Virgin Mobile (prepaid) to a prepaid Bell Mobility plan where you can purchase prepaid, unlimited texting? Would I be forced to get a new phone?

Please, help me out - I've had the phone for a couple days and I'm already past my 100 texts (LOL) and paying 15 cents per every other text I send is going to make me puke. What can I do here?

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