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    My name is Mashiul Alam and I used to be a customer of VM, probably you can say I am a dead customer.

    The reason I am saying the " VM customer service sucks" is that I baught a LG Rumor Touch 2 about 4 months ago and after receiving it, I figure out that the network service is not good. The web browsing is very slow. So, there was no point to keep that smart phone. Then I returened it for credit back.

    VM confirmed that they had received it about 2 months ago. Since then I have been calling their customer service / credit department/ technical support to get credit for my phone. The customer service is so poor that till now they are keep on quering about ....(don't know exactly the reason).

    I have opened 3 ticket for the same issue. Few weeks ago I was told that the last ticket had been closed without giving the credit. Then the customer service opened another query ....till now its keep on going .

    Recently, 2 of the supervisors of the customer service (during 2 different calls) told me that they would call HQ to get the information and they would call me at my number within hour. Till now the hour never been finished.

    I hope VM authority read my email and quickly serve my problem.

    Mashiul Alam
    VM tel# 215-354-6544
    Ticket# 3-359006 19299
    Home phone# 267 560 5850
    email: [email protected]

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    Re: Virgin Mobile - Customer Service sucks!!!

    yep the service sucks bigtime. I was visiting my son in New Liskeard, Ontario, I had no service, lost it around Temagimi. I called customer service and they told me i needed a new sim card. Try and buy a virgin sim card in Liskeard and they laugh at you. They know virgin has no service there. Virgin even gave me a case id number but off course nobody returned my call or the three emails I sent them. Instead of lying to me just friggin tell me the truth. There is no service in Liskeard if you have a virgin 3gs iphone. And on my way home it was right around Temagimi when my service returned. New sim card my ass.
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    Re: Virgin Mobile - Customer Service sucks!!!

    And here I was thinking about going to Virgin Mobile. They only have 1-2 3g phones anyway, from the looks of things.
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    Re: Virgin Mobile - Customer Service sucks!!!

    This is the complaint letter I just sent to Virgin Mobile:
    PS. I'll post what happens... so far... Nothing.

    My name is Terry Beer, a loyal Virgin Mobile customer of several years.
    Let me preface this complaint by saying previous
    to the last couple of days I have NEVER had a problem with Virgin
    Mobile Service, or Customer Service. I have sent maybe 10 people to you
    over the past several years, Im a Virgin Mobile Cheerleader! Which makes
    what has happened to me the past couple of days very disillusioning.

    On March 15th I realized my present phone, an LG Optimus V was acting up
    and would need to be replaced. I went online
    and looked at the new phones. I really liked the Samsung Galaxy Reverb,
    and noticed that it was going on sale for two days (50% off) on March
    18th. So I held off buying for a couple days, on the morning of March
    18th, at approximately 7:45 am, I checked the address and other info
    before hitting the place order button, I then purchased a Samsung Galaxy
    Reverb. Immediately, the order went through and I was shown a receipt,
    which I viewed to check for accuracy and then saved as a PDF and is
    attached with this complaint.

    I went to work, upon returning home after work I checked my email and to
    my surprise I saw no order confirmation for the new phone from VM. So I
    took my receipt, found the order number and tried to track it online. I
    kept getting a order cannot be found message from the website. I went to
    my order history, nothing showed. I checked my credit card, a payment of
    $120.99 to Vesta Corporation was on my statement, the exact amount of
    the purchase on the receipt.

    So I called Customer Service. The night of the 18th, I was on the phone
    with customer service, and tech support for 93 min. It was found out
    that the phone I ordered was going to another name in another state,
    same order number, same phone. I was asked repeatedly did you have it
    sent to another person in Texas ? (I'm in Illinois)... "No" I answered
    everytime "it is my phone, for my use". I was asked "are you sure you
    had your correct address on the order?" I'm absolutely 100% positive I
    did, as I checked it twice. I was treated all night long as if I had
    screwed this order up. I continually offered that I had a copy of the
    receipt, and I would send it. No one accepted my offer. At the end of
    this hour and a half ordeal I was told they had found the phone at FedEx
    in Indianapolis, it was headed to Texas and they would stop it and have
    it disabled if it did reach Texas. I asked if another phone could be
    sent out to ME at MY address immediately, and was told a case had been
    opened and would have to clear headquarters before a phone could be sent
    out. I was NOT a Happy Customer at the end of an hour an a half of being
    subtly accused of screwing the order up, then told I'd have to wait till
    the mess was cleared up.

    Today (March 19th) at about 1:30 PM I called back to Customer Service
    Tech Support with Case number in hand to find out what was the progress
    of the situation. I called with my land line as my Optimus phone is
    really messing up now. This call lasted a total of TWO HOURS, during
    which time it was suggested repeatedly that I may have entered this
    other persons name and address in MY PHONE ORDER ! and That is why this
    was taking so long. Finally, I asked for a Supervisor... waited 35 min.
    to be connected to him, was finally connected, and asked a simple
    question. "Why, when I called last night and it was discovered that my
    phone which I had paid for (and incidentally paid an extra $12 for Next
    business day shipping, lol, what a JOKE!), and for which I had a receipt
    from Virgin Mobile... Why wasn't I asked to send the receipt and offered
    to have a new phone Immediately shipped out to me at my address???"

    His answer was that he saw that I had placed the order on the 17th not
    the 18th, and had not paid next business day shipping, it looks like I
    had put in the wrong address on the order, and that it was out of his
    hands, that the policy is that because it was sent to headquarters and
    it seems that I might have incorrectly placed the order, and was
    claiming that I didn't, Headquarters would have to look into it, decide
    what had happened, get the other phone back or disabled (to protect my
    account, lol), then they would release an OK to send my phone to me! It
    might take 1 to 5 Days!!!

    Alot of good that $12 did to me, no one by the way has offered to refund
    me that money, because it doesn't show on the order that I paid that to

    This has been an absolute NIGHTMARE, Ill by my phones some other way
    from now on. I have been accused of doing something NO ONE would ever
    do, put another persons name and address on an order I intended for
    myself. And, I have been accused of this REPEATEDLY. I was not EVER
    offered an upgraded phone, a refund, my next bus. day shipping fee back,
    an offer to immediately ship a new phone out to me. In Fact, I was never
    offered anything except suspicion that I might have screwed this up, not

    WHATEVER you do make sure NO Customer has to go through this Again,
    Ever. I used to think you guys still believed "The Customers Always
    Right", but know You Do Not.

    Terry Beer

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    Re: Virgin Mobile - Customer Service sucks!!!

    I had a similar problem. I lost my phone, i thought it was stolen,
    so I had my account suspended so I could either find it or decide whether or not to change companies. I decided, after about a month, to just stick with Virgin and order a new phone. I attempted to create a new account, as the old phone was my sisters, and it had all of her information on it (vkey, name, secret questions, etc) and I needed to be able to access the account with information I can remember. I asked them to delete the account, but they suggested instead that it would be easier to just change the information and order a new phone. Fine, so I ordered the phone, they gave me a new number, new vkey, etc. and transferred the remaining balance to this phone. They asked what plan I wanted and i told them i want the same plan the old one had, which was $20 a month for usage-based talking texting and web charges. With the old plan, my account would show the money I had available for use however I chose. I was never corrected and told my old plan no longer exists. When the phone arrived, after about two weeks, I activated it and was given a third phone number, and the balance had not carried over. Fine, whatever, the phone number is not that important to me anyway, so I decided to let it go. Then I tried to use the web / text and was not able to. The web takes me to a page telling me I will be charged for every x amount of data I use. Obviously, I did not expect it to be free. However I was not able to leave the page. Typing an address into the bar, going to the homepage, or hitting 'ok' under the message redirected me to the first page. I thought I had been charged for my unsuccessful attempts and checked my account. My balance displayed as 0.00, even though I had just topped up. I decided to call customer service and tell them what happened. Apparently, the people in customer service do not speak to each other. I told the man - who spoke in bad English -that I was not able to text and, even though I just topped up my phone, my account balance was displaying as blank. The man told me that my plan does not cover text or web usage, that my $20 a month only buys 400 minutes, which by the way no longer carry over. Okay, I was rigid but still wanted to compromise. I asked him about the balance that was never transferred over, if I could use that for texting and web. The man asked what I was talking about and I explained to him everything from the beginning. I gave him the phone number and vkey if the deactivated phone, whose balance was to go to this number: and gave him the number and vkey that I was given on the phone with the woman I spoke to when I ordered it. I explained that upon registering the phone I was given a third number, and could he transfer the balance from the limbo number to my current one. The man said there was no balance on that account either, and that there was no record of the first phone number. I told him this was impossible, if he checks the records for last month he can see I disabled the phone and reported it as possibly stolen. The man bluntly told me I was mistaken, the phone did not exist. Fine, I asked him if, since he would not carry the funds over, I added additional money to my account, would I then be able to use it for web and text? No. I cannot. My 'plan' does not include text or web regardless of how much I add to my account. By default, all money is added towards my talk minutes, and there is no cache for storing unused service. I could add $134.43¢ and not a dime would be usable for anything but talking. In the end, not only did my plan change without my knowledge (I went from $20mo to spend on anything plus unspent money carry-over to $20 a month for 400 non-carrying over minutes), and there is no record of the phone I reported stolen.

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    Re: Virgin Mobile - Customer Service sucks!!!

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