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    hi. I purchased a samsung intercept on ebay about 7 months ago. i was told (of course after i bought it) in order to activate it that i would have to wait 90 days until it was inactive to reactivate it. so... i waited 90 days and tried again. virgin mobile customer service is horrible and no one could answer anything. finally the last answer i got after trying to figure things out was that it was still active and unless i knew the vkey or the mothers maiden name i could not do anything at all. of course the person i bought it from says he has no idea because it was a store return. does anyone know if i can possibly do anything to activate it or am i just totally screwed? Thanks all for your time.

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    Re: active and unable to activate

    скорей всего ты ничего не сможешь сделать, если тот у кого ты купил телефон не знает ответ на контрольный вопрос
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