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    Hours of no service on 06/24/12.
    Have a Pay-Lo phone for which I pay @$35.00/month for talk/txt/ltd data service.
    Great deal for what I need.
    However, I didn't have access to Virgin Mobile (VM) service [which trunks on Sprint CDMA] today.
    Couldn't get an answer from VM's *611 since the service was down...even though my signal meter indicated a full five bars.
    Only got rapid beep tones when phone dropped calls (due to no cell signals), then received "Call dropped. No signal detected." WTH!
    I already get spotty (read crappy) coverage in the hilly L.A. areas and commercial canyons where signals are bouncing all over the place. So, this past problem was maddening.
    Something to think about if anyone buys the IPhone 4 that VM is offering soon. The very people who can afford the I-phone most likely live in the hilly areas surrounding L.A. where most cell signals don't exist...let alone the spotty Sprint CDMA network.
    What would it take for the FCC to clamp down on these carriers to provide 21st century services in all urban areas! Spotty reception should not be allowed anymore. We pay for services and are given lax service/customer services far...go unregulated.

    See More: Loss of active service (Los Angeles)

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    Re: Loss of active service (Los Angeles)

    It said you had full signal, yet the calls still dropped, and it then said you didn't have a signal? That's weird. Did you figure out if it was a problem with the phone?

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