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    Re: Account Suspended - My Balance (not amt due) Exceeds $400

    Okay, that's strange. So why do you have to keep topping up if your balance is so high?

    See More: Account Suspended - My Balance (not amt due) Exceeds $400

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    Re: Account Suspended - My Balance (not amt due) Exceeds $400

    Hello again tavenger5. I'm REAL late in replying. I think they treat "topping up" as a periodic maintenance fee to keep my service active.

    I called Virgin Mobile (VM) yesterday (June 10) because my new top-up date was today (June 11). This time, my experience with VM was a positive one. My balance yesterday was $375 and a top-up for 90 days costs $20. A year ago I was able to top-up for 1 year at a time rather than every 90 days, so yesterday I told them I wanted to top up for another year. Yesterday they deducted $80 from my account thus reducing my balance to $295.

    So now I have an additional year of service with no additional cost to me! Plus, I do not have to worry about periodically having to use enough pay-as-you go minutes to keep my balance below $380 so that a $20 top-up would keep me below the $400 cap they imposed on the account.

    Note: Background for those who don't want to read the entire forum thread, VM will suspend an account if its balance exceeds $400. This is a hard concept to grasp because it does not make sense to me or anyone I have communicated with about this. I'm talking about a positive balance of $400 which is enough money to allow me to make a 1 minute call every day for 1600 days (VM charges 25 cents for the first minute of call time each day).

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