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    I had been a virgin member for years, until they called me,lied about a promotion, wouldn’t give me my old plan back and didn’t have a reasonablealternative. I cancel my plan, pay thefinal bill, ask if there will be more charges and am told no. 2 months later they want a $200+ cancellationfee. I very nicely ask to pull the callwhere I was told there would be no further chargers as I had cancelled thephone months prior. I am told they MAYrecord the calls, and even if they did it is for internal use only. Thank you Virgin, lie and screw me out ofmoney... now there is customer service for you!

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    Re: Virgin Mobile= Worst customer service ever!!!!!!

    What was the $200 for exactly?

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    Re: Virgin Mobile= Worst customer service ever!!!!!!

    Something similar happened to
    me. I was told one thing by one person on one day and being contradicted by a rude man the next. When I asked Mr. Barley Speaks-English to pull a record of a previous phone number and vkey, he told me there was no record of it. The phone must never have existed

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    Re: Virgin Mobile= Worst customer service ever!!!!!!

    If you've noticed over the last couple of decades... corporations are getting worst...like they care less about the people keeping them in business and more about the money to be made. Virgin Mobile is one of them. The trend is to pay staff as little as possible, send clients to automated systems that are frustrating and take in the high monthly payments. I wasted an hour and a half with them and left with a credit check that will take two years to get rid of and shaking my head. They turned me down for a cell phone and monthly service. So I placed complaints with the better business bureau and Canadian cell phone service monitor. They tried to push me into a $45/month plan plus pay monthly for a phone. Wow! So I purchased a brand new, unlocked Pixel 4a for $320 less than they could provide off of Amazon. Then took the excellent phone to Freedom Mobile and walked away with no extra monthly fees, a $25 per month plan and Freedom Mobile just gave me a $2 per month bonus for automatic credit card paying. Then gave me a $10 bonus. Win...win! If I recommend friends to Freedom Mobile I get a $10 credit for each of them. Since my phone is paid outright... there's no extra fees and I can leave any time. Virgin Mobile wasted my time and frustrated me. I don't recommend them.

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    Re: Virgin Mobile= Worst customer service ever!!!!!!

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