I have been with Virginfor 12 years now and closed the accounts today here's why.

Lastmonth I took out a new rolling SIM for my daughter for her 12thbirthday 7a month and CAPPED given most 12 year oldsare unlikely to manage it correctly first time.

The first billwas over 129 (received today) because they don't cap.

WhenI queried this, not only did they say they don't cap (I would nothave taken out this contract knowing that) Virgin had increased mycredit limit to 540 without asking me so she could have spentnearly 400 more. The adviser thought that was a good thing andactually had quite a poor attitude towards me as a customer who kepttalking over me with facts without actually listening to me. It waslike she had a script to read and ear plugs so she doesn't listen.

So do Virgin care thathaving been with them for 12 years and spending 85 a month withthem I left within hours of receiving my bill?

Well the end adviserwho was very professional and could see what I my point of view buteither couldn't or wouldn't fix the problem so two Virgin Mobileaccounts closed. A third to follow and Virgin Media 13thDecember.

Doing the maths herethey have so little regard for customers that they will lose 85 amonth forever because they won't fix their problem amounting to 1.5months worth of charges.

Do you want to dealwith a company like this?

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