I have problems receiving sms messages from my contact in Ghana Africa. I have two Nokia phones, a 1616 new and a 6288 about 5 years old. These worked well with sms messaging to and from Ghana up until 2 months ago (January 2012), then the sms problems started. The problem is not messaging TO Ghana but receiving replies to sms messages I have confirmed as having been received. My contact coincidentally lost her phone (unknown type) about 2 months ago and up until that time there were no problems. She replaced her phone with a Samsung Corby which I notice is 2G technology. After that time I've never been able to receive an sms from her despite the fact that voice communication is okay. Her phone supplier has tested her phone and confirms it as okay. Also, her provider is MTN Ghana. My provider is Vodafone Australia. I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Ace and still cannot receive sms messages from her. I've spoken at length with Vodafone technical support who are unable to help. . . . I just heard from another Vodafone technical guy who explained that the problem might be a lack of reciprocal texting arrangements between MTN and Vodafone which is preventing the (confirmed) sent messages from reaching me. . . . Does anyone know if this is true or perhaps has specific knowledge on this subject please because it will be greatly appreciated as a relationship saver. Thanks.

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