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    Binghamton NY
    Hi Everyone
    I have called the Finnish Service technician and
    talked with him.
    Also called overseas
    customer assistance and have been listening to endless
    songs while on telephone waiting and now finally they
    responded with an email:

    Cell phone service provider Saunalahti inc.

    --- [email protected] wrote:

    > Hei!
    > Amerikoissa pitää olla 3-taajuuspuhelin, teidän
    > pitäisi tarkistaa Vodafonelta, onko käyttämänne
    > malli sellainen. Mistä olette hankkinut puhelimen?
    > Jos puhelin on sim-lukittu, pitäisi tarkistaa
    > (kolumbukselta?), mitkä kortit siihen käyvät (esim.
    > Elisa, Kolumbus ja Saunalahti). Prepaid-liittymät
    > eivät toimi ollenkaan ulkomailla.

    Translated above paragraph

    In America you must have a 3 - frequency phone,
    You must read the ownersmanual, is your
    model on of the above?

    { Yes it is }

    Were did you buy it?
    { In Finland at a kiosk }
    { Because the phone is Sim locked by The original
    manufacturer NOKIA } There is no
    way to unlock it by KOLUMBUS a SIM
    card provider in Finland.

    Finnish Prepaid cards will never work in a
    foreign country.

    I have added here a quote from the Finnish
    owners manual of the Vodafone 715 that
    I purchased.

    "Vodafone 715 - puhelinta voit kayttaa
    lahes kaikissa maissa.
    Se vaihtaa automaattisesti verkkoja ,
    kuten WCDMA 2100 ja GSM 900/1800/1900 .
    Näin voit kayttaa matkapuhelinta missa tahansa "

    the above in English

    You can use the Vodafone 715 - telephone

    in nearly all foreign countries.

    { Except the United States }

    It will automatically change networks,

    like WCDMA 2100 and GSM 900/1800/1900.

    This way you can use the cell phone anywhere.

    A clever way to screw over unsuspecting tourists in
    We here in Binghamton are in GSM coverage area 1900
    this phone will not work as advertised.
    A sim card was installed at Cingular and the phone
    came back
    with a SOS message on the lower right part of the
    screen and a message Emergency use only.

    > Mikäli haluatte tilata meiltä liittymän, on teillä
    > oltava vakituinen osoite Suomessa sekä suomalainen
    > henkilötunnus, emme valitettavasti toimita liittymiä
    > ulkomaille. Emmekä valitettavasti myöskään
    > vastaanota shekkejä, kaikki laskutus tapahtuu ihan
    > laskuttamalla.

    Translated above paragraph it gets better...
    Should you like to order a service from us,
    You must have a permanent residence in Finland
    and A Finnish Sosial Security Number, We will also
    unfortunately provide service to foreign countries,
    and we will not accept checks , all billing will
    happen electrnically.

    Way to be screwed by the Finns.

    > --
    > Hyvää kesää!
    > Ystävällisin terveisin,
    > Saunalahti GSM-asiakaspalvelu
    > Asiakaspalvelija Muljar
    > p. (09) 4243 0456 (avoinna ma-pe 8-22, la 9-18)
    Translated above paragraph

    Have a nice Summer
    Friendly greetings
    Saunalahti inc GSM-customer service

    Customerserviceman Muljar

    See More: Vodafone 715 Usa

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    Re: Vodafone 715 Usa

    Sorry to hear about your non-working Vodafone. May I purchase it from you? I'm unable to email you directly, only to post here - let me know!


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    Binghamton NY

    Re: Vodafone 715 Usa

    My Site

    I am returing to Finland for a motorcycle trip and hope to use the phone again.
    in the year 2009 I will be arriving

    in Finland to visit my relatives, and that I will send my

    Virago 250 Yamaha via FINNAIR CARGO

    I am building a support network in Finland for

    traveling , and that I have a second motorcycle Journey in June of 2008 being planned to

    Odessa Texas

    I will send pictures via EMAIL from my

    round trip before my radio contact in the year 2008 from amateur radio contact sites using

    the Camera and Multimedia functions of my Nokia 6102 Prepay Cell phone DURING my AA

    Convention Round Trip to Odessa Texas.

    Thankyou to Moderators,and webmaster for maintainig this FORUM and to MATT for asking about the cell
    phone. I have to keep the Vodafone for the next trip.

    Here is a slideshow of my last trip to Finland to visit the Wedding of Anna and Robbie.


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