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    We bought a prepaid SIM card from Vodafone France (SFR). In France, all 3 carriers we checked out charge 30 Euros for the card, with 5 Euros applied to calls, but expiring in 30 days. We intended to use this number as an emergency contact number all over Europe.

    In Germany, the phone did not work; as soon as we crossed the border back into France it worked. Vodafone Germany told me that maybe we were unintentionally restricted. Several calls to SFR service were very frustrating, only automated attendant service is a free call. To speak to a live body, I had to call their land-line number (not a free call) and no one spoke English. Worse yet, I almost used up my 5 Euros talking to them. But I learned it was not restricted.

    We went back into Germany and I ultimately got the phone to work by manually selecting Vodafone Germany, as there was no hand-off from the SFR network to their German one. Then I tried to add to my prepaid card, which you are supposed to be able to do anywhere. The German Vodafone office told me that they could take my money and input the credit, but it probably would not work, and they had had a lot of complaints. He put a couple of Euros on my account as a test, and he was right, it did not work.

    I tried also using SFR's website (no luck) and their automated attendant to top-up service, which seemed to be going fine, until they told me that I had given the wrong expiration date for my credit card. I knew that this was incorrect, as they had read back what I inputted. I speak French, which I thought would get me through this mess, but not true!!

    I gave up on the French one and instead got another prepaid SIM card from Vodafone Italy. Much better pricing (also true in the UK, Germany and Hungary, where we got another SIM card) and the card is good for a year. No problem having the network hand off cleanly to Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and Hungary.

    So, if you are traveling around Europe and want a SIM card, my advice is to avoid getting one in France if you can. In the UK, they said the card was free, and just pay for calls, in Germany it was 20 Euros, with 10 Euros of call credit included, and Italy was 15 Euros, with I think 10 of calling credit. Hungary was even less than that.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Vodafone France

    Quote Originally Posted by ACJ View Post

    I gave up on the French one and instead got another prepaid SIM card from Vodafone Italy.
    Good luck!
    Your experiences with SFR Vodafone are not much different to what we experience with all French Mobile operators. They are all rubbish and because of Retail Price Maintenance there is very little difference in the tariffs.

    What I find most annoying is that most French Operators have strange roaming arrangements which do not allow SMS between certain countries. Particularly those in East Africa and the Channel Islands.


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