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    Still another company who is downsizing and cutting jobs. Vodofone announce that they are laying off hundreds of employees in Britain due to the economy. It is reported that the layoffs will start as early as this week to "boost free cash flow by cutting one billion pounds of cost.

    via: Yahoo! News - Vodafone to cut hundreds of jobs by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech

    See More: Vodafone cutting hundreds of jobs in Britian
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    Re: Vodofone cutting hundreds of jobs in Britian

    Our worst nightmare has actually come true. The largest (or one of the largest) telecommunications companies is now suffering! Everyone had thought it was nearly impossible for any cell phone company to feel the effects of this economy.

    C'mon Obama, let's get this fixed before this starts happening to our cell phone companies in the U.S...once this happens, we're truly in a depression
    (or a really bad recession).
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