Vodafone UK's handset, HTC Desire S, is currently receiving a software update. The software update is version and is an update that will fix some bug issues such as performance and SMS issues.

Before, SMS that were received, were not displayed correctly and this has now been fixed as well as the upload of pictures that used HTC Peep. Also with this update, Vodafone UK customers will also notice that the Desk Dock mode support has been added to their HTC Desire S along with improvements to call stability and overall general performance of the handset.

Your HTC device will notify you of the update and will come as a two part update that will take place OTA (over the air). As with any OTA updates, not everyone will receive the update at the same time and may take a few days or a week for the update to completely roll out. You can choose to install the first update in which once that has been completed, a second update notification will alert you as well to install.

via: NEWS: Software Update for the HTC Desire S - Vodafone eForum

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