Hi all,

Hope this message finds you all well and happy. Bought a Sony Ericsson
T200 back in May of 2003 (black color) and have had no problems with it.
It offers more features than I actually need - which is basically text
messaging (SMS) and phone service, though mobile internet sometimes
comes in handy, I have to admit. And I do like the blue screen!

But one oddity did show up in the last few days, and I have no idea
whether this is a bug in the software, or who knows what...any
suggestions and comments would be most welcome! A few days ago I was
copying the phone book contacts to the SIM card, then from the SIM card
back to the phone book not on the SIM card - and I don't have too many
contacts in the list so it's not a problem with full memory or anything
so simple as that. At any rate, I also (accidently) saved a text message
I received a few days ago to the SIM card - but then was able to delete
it successfully - so I doubt this is the problem either.

Now, here's THE SPECIFIC PROBLEM: Why do I now have an "invisible
contact" in my phonebook list which I can't delete? I've copied the
contacts over to the SIM card once again, and whenever I check the
contacts on the SIM card, all is well, meaning that the "invisible
contact" is not there. But, for some strange reason, I can't get rid of
this invisible contact from the regular (non-SIM) contact list!

I've tried deleting this "invisible" contact - by which I mean a contact
with no name and number - using (1) the edit contact list feature, which
doesn't work (2) the "c" button while I'm in the contact list, here I
get a "failed" message when trying to delete it, and (3), I even tried
doing the "edit before call" bit with this invisible contact, whereupon
only a question mark (?) shows up as that (invisible, non-existent,
cryptic, whatever) phone number. After some wrestling with this last
feature, the question mark would disappear, only to have such strange
numbers as the following ones show up in the top bar, of that invisible
profile: "1110+?75100?," "41103035100," etc.

Any thoughts on what the heck this could be?; perhaps I'm just being
nit-picky but I'd really like to be able to delete that invisible
contact, which is utterly useless since it contains no actual, contact

Once again, any comments on this topic would be most welcome, and many
thanks in advance!

Cheers to all,
S. Sajmon

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