Okay, after lots of tinkering and Googling, I thought I'd post my
results here to hopefully help someone else out. Just as an FYI, I'm
using Fido as my carrier, so this information may not work for other
carriers (though there isn't a reason why not, I don't think).

First, don't waste your time trying to set the PS data in the W900 by
hand. Just go here:


Select the W900 phone and carry on with the instructions. It will send
you a text with automatic settings.

To set up the Bluetooth modem, here are the salient settings:

Phone number: *99***CID#
username: web
password: web
extra dial-string modem string commands: z (just a single lower-case

There is more to setting this kind of thing up, but my situation was
pretty unique so I don't know that my instructions would be useful to
the general public.

deeem119 from http://www.expansys.com/ft.aspx?i=114237&thread=144
DaKRO84 from http://www.howardforums.com/archive/topic/824926-1.html

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