I have a Sony Ericsson T68i and a Sony Vaio z1sp with built-in
bluetooth. I'd like to be able to sync Outlook Contacts with the
phone... and I can do this just fine over IR with my PC at work.

Persuading the sync to work over bluetooth is another matter though!

I have downloaded the latest XTndConnect software and modem drivers
from the SE website, and am running "BlueSpace NE" on the Vaio. I can
get the phone and PC paired successfully, and service discovery shows
that the connection supports File Push and Serial services, so I start
the serial service (on COM4 it tells me) so I am now expecting that
XTNDconnect should work. When I try though, XTND tells me that it
cannot open a connection with the phone.

If I try and initialise the sync from the phone rather than the PC,
the PC beeps and says it has received a file from the phone. So it
seems the connection really is working, just that XTNDconnect doesn't
seem to want to use it.

Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated.

p.s. FWIW: I doubt I will ever by a SE phone again if this
experience is anything to go by. The t68 is very fully featured, but
slow and underpowered. The quality of software and documentation for
sync though is truly apalling. A real mess. And given I have a Sony
PC and a SonyEricsson phone this really ought to be completely
trivial. Very disappointing.

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