Was wondering if by chance any other Nextel users were in Ocean City, NJ
(zip code 08226) this weekend and also experienced severe phone
problems? Although I had not been there in months, I NEVER had a service
issue there before. There were many times this weekend when I could not
make outbound calls and all incoming calls went right to voice mail. My
wife and son had the same experience with their Nextel phones. Direct
connect worked okay for all of us, but, NO consistent phone service. I
tried calling customer service but they were closed. I sent an email but
got a note back to call customer service which is ironic since they
were closed!

Bad enough I have had service issues with my Netxel phones in my home
area (Easton, PA) lately but this could be a MAJOR problem for me as I
spend a lot of time in OCNJ during the summer.


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