During the 1st week of PTT, I visited a Long Beach VZW store. I had the
representative do a demo of the PTT. This rep actually told me to wait a few
months until the bugs were worked out and more phone choices were available.
The delay was about 8-10 seconds BTW.

Today was the first time I saw a VZW commercial advertising the PTT feature.
I would have thought a big advertising push would have happened on 8/18/03
for the national roll-out. Unless of course, they were having problems!

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> How right you are.
> "J Sim" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> > The funny part about their PTT is that i went into a Verizon Store and
> > asked them to demo the PTT function with two of their phones, they were
> > un able to do this for some reason the phones would not connect to one
> > another. Also many people report delays of 30-40 seconds with the PTT
> > function for verizon. ALso how come in the comercieal during the can
> > you hear me now thing no one replies? Just wondering Nextel has a 1
> > second delay and i have never had any issues. Seems to me that you go
> > with some one that had been doing it for a while and had worked all the
> > kinks out.
> >
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