Further to Lord Cyber Witch's post about the problem with the 3510i
restarting itself whilst browsing O2-UK's GPRS internet access, I have had
the same problem with my 3510i a few days later, and have come to a
conclusion that the O2-UK GPRS access gateway may be transmitting some sort
of mobile virus. My 3510i is now totally dead. The backlight does not even
come on at all now.

I have typed a draft letter, which I will be sending to the O2
Complaints dept. in the next day or two. I have been told on the phone, that
if O2 should find any form of virus that may have effected the 3510i in this
way, then O2 will replace these phones.

I have send a text message to Lord Cyber Witch, as I know him
personally, telling him my theory, and what may be done about it.

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