Wondering if anyone can help.

Just taken delivery of a Ford ST TDCi with a Sony 6CD Stereo and the
standard Ford Car Cradle. This cradle is supposed to be pre-wired so that
you buy an additional cradle to suit your phone (currently a 6310i) from
Ford and then pair the phone to the stereo via Bluetooth. The cradle does
charge the phone but no "Car" symbol appears on the screen.

A couple of problems.
1. Despite what the manual says the stereo doesn't appear to have a
Bluetooth setting to enable you to set up a pairing.
2. The stereo says that there is no phone in the cradle when you try the
cradle solution.

The Ford dealer don't seem particularly interested or it's just too much

Could Ford have sold me the wrong sub-cradle and if so does anyone know what
I should be asking for.

I thought I'd read somewhere that there is an A, B & C type sub-cradle but I
can't find that page again..



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