Generally, we don't install polyphonic ringtones to mobile phones, but we
can offer our tools for such operations:

1) Oxygen Phone Manager II- complete solution for your phone's
customization. You can upload ringtones to the phone's Gallery and to the
standard tone's list as well.

2) Oxygen Ringtone Workshop - freeware tool for polyphonic ringtone
management. Works only with the standard tones list. May not support some
earlier firmware versions:

3) If you wish to develop your own application for polyphonic ringtone
management, our company can suggest superior tool- Oxygen Gallery Browser
ActiveX Control. You can use this tool in any development enviroment, which
does support ActiveX:

With best regards! Maxim Vyalkov
Oxygen Software technical support dpt.
Oxygen Phone Manager II - all you want from your Nokia

Hello, Thi Steve!
You wrote in conference on Wed, 10 Dec 2003 20:07:29

>I am musician and one of my favourite hobbies is design and development
>transparent polyphonic ringtones... It would give me great pleasure if
>default any company could install some of my compositions to their
>phones. If you can help me in how to proceed to get in touch with some
>institutions I would be very grateful. Thanks for giving me feedback...

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