I got two Nokia 2285 Tracfones for my wife and me after looking at the
alternative of spending around $70 each month including taxes for the
next two years with a Verizon contract (plus activation fees etc.). We
now use the phones since six months everything works great.
Despite all the negative comments on the internet I found their
customer service to be prompt, friendly and helpful. Yes, they have an
accent, but so do I... Activation through the webpage is easy, although
a little lengthy with dozens of numbers to type into the phone.
I got a referral from a friend, which is worth 100 minutes and 2 months
of service. I "referred" my wife's phone after activating mine, which
gave us another 100 minutes and 2 months of service each. So we ended
up with two phones which can remain active for the next 6-8 months and
a few hundred minutes each, all for less than what I would have spent
at Verizon every month ($30 per reconditioned phone including 140
minutes each plus the mentioned referral minutes - total bill $68 for
two phones including tax and shipping).

What I really like is that with Tracfone there are never any suprising
bills and the extra cost for roaming (outside your normal calling area
of around 50 miles or so you pay 2 minutes for each minute used) is
very moderate compared to most of the plan phones.

The one thing I don't like: Tracfone service is not provided outside of
the US, something to consider if you travel to Canada, Mexico, the DR

Send me an email ([email protected]) if you are buying a Tracfone and know
of nobody to refer you to Tracfone. We will each get 100 free minutes
and 2 months of service.

Regards, Wolfgang in VT

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