E-Time System, Inc. has a great program for your retail store. Our
software (ETS Pro) can be installed on any Windows based PC. Our
All-In-One program allows retailers to:

Accept Bill Payments - Utilities, Wireless, Medical, Auto, Mortgage -

Sell Prepaid Wireless - Boost, T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular, AllTel,
Page Plus, Call Plus, STI Mobile, Liberty, Locus Mobile, TracFone, Omni
Prepaid, Locus Platinum, AirVoice, O2 Mobile, CallPlus Wireless, Voice
Mobile, and more

Sell Prepaid Home Phone Service - Everyone is approved regardless of
Credit History - Get Home Phone Service Today!

Sell Prepaid Phone Cards - Phone Cards for Every Domestic and
International Destination

All these products and services are in One Easy to Use Application -
Get connected to the ETS Network today!

To Sign Up call - 1-866-387-7672 or email [email protected]

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