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    It is almost impossible how the time flies by.
    It is Christmass already, would you believe that?
    For last few days I have been looking for christmass wallpapers and
    christmas cell phone ring tones.
    There are so many pages with these things at the moment, what is your
    best one ?
    I found few that I acctually could hold on to but maybe someone of you
    have something better.

    My best shot was what
    do you think about that?

    My favourite wallpaper from that site is (Christmass area):

    If there is something better that you have found, please share the
    This is just Christmass subject, please stick to that I know that there
    is a lot of other stuff and wallpapers that looks cool, but I am
    interested only in Christmas subject at the moment.
    So please take part in this project and write something about your

    Have a nice Chistmass you all


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    Re: Christmass in your phone

    Wow!!! Good job. --- Bobby ('Jordan shoes' (


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