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    Please pass this along. Originally a post to usenet. My experience with Apple:

    The new iPhone 4s features Siri, a voice command program. This seems to be
    the most promoted feature of the new iPhone.
    I already have Siri on my 3GS. I downloaded it a while back. For some
    reason it is not available on iTunes any longer, so I read the help file
    within Siri. This is what it said.

    " I've been replaced! The new Siri is even smarter and better- looking than
    me and waiting for you on the iPhone 4s. I'll be leaving for home Oct. 15."

    My 3gs Siri is smart enough for me. If Apple makes Siri "go home" then my
    loyalty to Apple has vanished.

    Later that day.......I sent feedback to Siri about the above concern.
    WOW....10 minutes later Siri no longer functions. This message pops up:

    "There is a problem. I'm not getting the information I need from you"

    And I thought Apple was nice

    See More: Siri on 3gs
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    One word, monopoly.

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    Re: Siri on 3gs

    Wow! That sucks: Apple pulls Siri from app store
    Wonder what else they will pull to make users buy the new phone?
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