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    iPhone 7 feasibility suggestion

    Wireless charging
    Currently wireless charging technology has been widely applied to the system on Android smartphones. Although wireless charging also have a negative side, which is that the need to purchase additional wireless charging accessories, but in any case, better than every time you want to insert the Lightning cable easier.Hope the iPhone 7 can have the Wireless charging

    fast charging

    Fast charging Usually within 30 minutes can be charged to 40%, at least 1 hour to charge to 80% capacity. That is when the sudden need to go out and found his iPhone has enough power, then this time fast charging can give a help. Apple Watch had the fast charging , hoping to iPhone 7 can also be added, to prepare for contingencies.

    Longer Battery life
    The thickness of the iPhone 6s of 7.1 mm, which has a very slim. In order to join 3D Touch function, actually increase the thickness of the iPhone 6s of 0.2mm, in addition to the description of Apple will loom made thin also consider other factors. Therefore, I hope Apple is more concerned about Battery life, or high-capacity battery.

    Shatterproof display

    iPhone 6s were using 7000 series aluminum alloy body is more durable, harder and better to avoid being bent, but the screen is still fragile. So, there are fans that, iPhone can actually consider shatterproof glass reinforced layer, and play a more durable effect. However, where the focus is “anti” effect, it is unlikely to be completely unable to break things. More fans that hope someday, iPhone is no longer so delicate, people can not bare Daitao use will not have any psychological burden.

    Ultra-narrow bezel

    No one knows why Apple does not consider long-term reduction in the width of the iPhone screen border, since Apple is famous in the design, it is not difficult to compact design more comfortable grip.

    From hcqs blog

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    Re: iPhone 7 feasibility suggestion

    Thanks dude <3

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