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    Recently my phone gave out and I need a new phone that will last me a bit. Initially I searched craigslist, but I don't trust it. I have metropcs and took a look at their website to find that the Iphone 5S is only $150. Now, it's not that I don't have 600 bucks or so to put into a good phone, it's just that I don't want to. I'm not ridiculously into phones as much as everybody. I just use it for email, light browsing if I have to, snapchat which is why I like Iphone's cameras and that's about it.

    I just find no point in spending a lot for a phone. At the same time, I have other hobbies that I pay for which cost me a lot of money, so it doesn't make sense to put that much money into a phone for me.

    Now, the 5s was released 3 and a half years ago which is a while, but it is still a decent phone. My concerns are the following.
    Apple leaves their old phones behind. Eventually the 5s will no longer receive support. Does it make sense to buy it in 2017? As far as specs go, for $150 I can't think of a phone better than the 5s, if you can please tell me.

    My other concern would be just that. is $150 a good price for a new 5s? Are there better phones out there?

    I also do prefer smaller phones, and I'm sure I'll get the SE as a suggestion, but again I'm not too willing to drop 300 on a phone..although that's much more possible than dropping 600+

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    Re: Is an Iphone 5s worth it in 2017?

    If you like then may buy that model at $480 from Mobansp store.
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    Re: Is an Iphone 5s worth it in 2017?

    The short answer is "no"! I mean, it would be a big deal to you if you had a really really old phone and is moving up to an iPhone 5s, but if not I would definetly try going for an iPhone 6 and higher.

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