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    I'm 80 and never owned a smartphone and neither has my wife. She's now running with a group of women who all have smartphones and text and email each other incessantly so she's decided she has to have an iPhone. I figure to get her an iPhone 6s and connect it to one of these cheap carriers who piggyback on major carriers. The carriers I'm looking at either don't sell older phones or don't have used 6ses. So I'm looking on Amazon and eBay. The problem is how do I check if a phone I order will work with a given carrier. They want to know thing like "what is your MEID number", or what is the "Sub Model." None of the people who sell these phones give that kind of information. So, how do people (and they appear to buy tons of them) figure out if the phone they are buying is compatible with the carrier they're going to use it on?

    Damn, this forum jumps around constantly and throws up popups that block use until clicked away. How to users stand it?

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