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    Should I hire a real estate agent to sell my home, or do it myself?

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    Re: Real estate agent issues

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    Re: Real estate agent issues

    If you are looking for a house through a real estate agency, you already know that a realtor charges between 3 and 5% of the property's value for his services. For this money, he promises not only to find you a house but also to check the seller's documents. Many people believe in this and do not check the documents themselves. And they should not do it.
    A realtor, most often, has no legal education. A person who doesn't know anything about the law can hardly say exactly if the seller's documents are true or executed according to the law and the risks of the deal for you as a buyer. The main goal of the realtor is to sell you an apartment. He is only interested in his profit since he will only get the payment for his work if the sales contract is signed. Therefore, you always need a lawyer in such cases. You can learn more by going to https://timthomas.co/signs-of-a-housing-market-crash/. Many articles will help you in the field of real estate.

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