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    I have AT&T. I know the *3282# thing to check this months text messages but how can i check last months? I cant create an account on the website becaus i dont know my dads SS number.

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    Re: How can i check last months text messages?

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    Re: How can i check last months text messages?

    Text automatically translated from: French to: English
    just need to look in his laptop

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    Re: How can i check last months text messages?

    New Edge hackers will solve any hack related complaints , i was worried for months about my bf's loyalty. We had been dating for a year and some months but i can boldly say i haven't been able to play with his phone for five seconds .. The point is he doesnt allow it and my suspicion grew overtime , that led me to wanting to spy on his phone activities remotely but couldnt do that on my own .. I had to get online to search for real hackers who can pull that off , luckily i got the right team to help me with that . Reach out to [email protected] .com to hire the service .

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    Re: How can i check last months text messages?

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    Re: How can i check last months text messages?

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