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    I know this is slightly different from the posts you are usually used to reading but im really curious about this. I recently applied at a bell retail position. I'm fairly certain i'll get the job. But i have absolutely no idea how much that position earns. Can any1 tell me what I will be earning by the hour?

    Sorry if this isn't appropriate for this forum, i am just very curious.
    Thank you for any1 who can help me.

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    Re: bell mobility retail wage earnings

    Is it a Bell World store, or a 3rd party retailer ?

    Generally the wages are commission based plus an hourly salary. The hourly usually isn't the best, but if you're in a decent location, then you should get some decent sales numbers and you'll make good money on commissions.

    From what I know of others working for Bell, if you're in a Bell World store, then anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000 isn't unreasonable to expect.

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