Looking over this new Nokia 3120 I picked up last week.

Abit of history.
Im not a cell phone guru by anymeans. I find them annoying to be quite frank with you. My 1st phone several years ago was a Nokia of some sort. It inpressed me so little I can barley see the junker in my mines eye. The 2nd phone in my life was a motorla of some sort. It was worse. I can say it handled being thrown into walls, concrete floors and even a Cingular rep quite well. Still worked with little bits banging around in it. Both these phones had monochrome lcd's antenas and very basic intro class phones. Thinking that was all I would ever need in a phone was a wrong thing to do.

Enter the Nokia 3120

This the 1st phone Ive ever had that I may like. I wanted a small phone that could be carried in my pocket. A color screen I could see. That worked good and was easy to use.

Small was important to me. I needed a phone that would slide into a pant pocket that was small, no antena. This fit the bill! Its light weight and size make it my ideal pocket partner.

The color screen is wonderful for me. I know its only a 4K color screen and its small. But I can see it and use it for what it is. A huge upgrade from my pass monochormic lcds. It does seem to wash out in the sunlight tho and thats not good.

The phone talks great! I can hear well even in bad reception areas. Very crisp with good tonal balance. Folks Ive chated with on it. Say " It sounds very good " also. The speaker phone is good. I must say its better than my desk phone at work that looks like a laptop that failed to mature right. The volume works well and has met my needs as Ive found there are times I need to turn it up. Not the phones fault.

Ive downloaded afew ring tones and have poked around abit on the net with it. It works. The small screen size is a pain in that respect but I see no real need for me to surf around the net on a phone. I have several computers and a 6Mbps connect. A cell connect is a waiste of my time over all and min's.

I dont put much stock in style and looks. But I have to say this is a smart looking phone. For what ever its worth it does seem to have abit of style and elegance. Dosent look half bad setting on my desk, cradled in my hand or sliped under a map strap on the visor in my truck.

The battery life is very good. Im not a big time talker. I average maybe 15 calls a week. Phone on 24/7 so far and its still on its first full charge. O Ive had the phone 9 days.

The ring volume could be louder. Im in loud areas alot with work. The vibrating option is a no go. Cant a have phone buzzing in my pocket when I mite have my hands in a hot boiler control panel or working with other hot electrical boxes.

My wife didnt like the small keypad size so she opted for a Nokia 6010. Shes a little small petie thing. Im a 6'3" 260lb guy and the small keypad is great for me. I dont text msg. But have been able to use it quite well.

I have ordered a data cable for it. I wont be paying for and downloading wallpapers, screensavers and ring tones. There just to darn easy to make to spend money on that stuff.

I have no use for a camera in my phone. Much prefer my Canon or Olympus for digi pics. I have no use for a radio in my phone. Ear peices just hurt my ear/ears. Cant stand them. I need no Bluetooth.

This phone was everything I needed and has afew features that make it a nice small workable phone for me.

On a bad note.
I did have a problem with the phone. About 36hr after I took possesion of the phone the lcd got a blue line right thru the middle in a vertical fashion. It happend the 1st time I connected to the net. Just moments after entering the last phone number in my contacts. I took it back and the phone was replaced. So hopefuly thats all that will go wrong.

The phones worth a look if you have any concerns or cares like mine.


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