I am very pleased with this phone, having owned it for about 1 week now with Cricket. It's the best phone that I've ever owned so far, and the first CDMA phone. All of my other phones were nokia TDMA phones, so you could imagine how much i like this phone better. I paid $50.00 for this phone, with no contract. It has GREAT reception on Cricket;s network here in Tulsa, OK.

+External Screen
+Easy Text Messaging
+Picture Messaging Capable
+Voice Dial
+Brew/Web Browser
+Good Selection of Ringtones
+Nice Screen
+Great RF
+Nice Holster came with it

-Screen is hard to see outdoors
-The phone gets sort of "Slow"
-No Desktop Charger
-So so battery life.

All in All, a great phone, and a BIG upgrade from my last phone, (Motorola ?, lol)

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