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    Samsung i320 looks intellectually attractive; it belongs to Samsung Ultra Edition mobile phone series. It is a black business smartphone which is only 11.5 mm thick.
    Samsung i320 is the thinnest “Windows mobile” smartphone on a market. This cell phone has an integrated QWERTY keyboard, which comes handy during typing text messages. Samsung i320 is made from such modern materials as magnum and fiberglass; this makes cell phone more durable and light. Also I admire the display of this phone, but it's easy to leave your fingerprints on this glossy TFT screen, so it's better to buy a screen protector tape or have a soft cloth with you.
    One the left side of this smartphone you can find volume “+;-” buttons, on the right side there is a functional button (you could set it the way you like it). IR is located on the top of i320, so it's easy to operate your smartphone when you are sending/receiving files. Or you can use IR as a remote control for your TV or DVD player or even for player in your car.
    Samsung i320 is enhanced with a QWERTY keyboard, which has 37 keys. In reality keyboard is pretty neat. Keys aren't that big, but they are located comfortably, so it's easy to type.
    It's a fact that Samsung displays are one of the best available on a market, and this cell phone is not an exception. It has a QVGA display with acceptable brightness and contrast. The resolution is 240*320 pixels, and it could show up to 65536 colors
    Samsung i320 is based on powerful Intel PXA272 processor, the processor speed is 420 MHz. This Samsung has a microSD expansion slot. The disadvantage of expansion slot – you have to shut down i320 to eject and replace your memory card. But if you need to eject your SIM card, you can do it without turning off your cell phone. Samsung i320 was not created for music fans! Speakers are not loud at all, sometimes when you are in crowded place like subway you can’t hear when this phone is ringing. Headphones which come in package are just awful!
    Wireless communication is not a strong side of this phone either! It has and IR, Bluetooth 1.2 (I think it's a disadvantage) which supports A2DP. WI-FI is still absent. If Samsung i320 have had WI-FI, it would have made a big difference for wireless internet users.
    I320 smartphone has a 1.3 Mpx built in camera, it doesn't have an auto focusing feature, but at least it has a flash. Camera options are still the same: photo mode (single photo, multiple photos, and matrix), timer (2.5 sec and 10 sec), and effects (sepia, black & white photo, negative). Also you can add frames; I think it's a pretty cool feature for younger users. Maximum photo resolution is 1280*1024 pixels, and maximum video resolution is 320*240 pixels. Telling about photo and video quality, you can say that this smartphone is not a good instrument for photo shooting.
    Fortunately you can find a bunch of software for this phone online, and it’s positive feature of windows mobile. An attention grabbing software is a Picsel Viewer - it's a document viewer which supports doc, pdf, gif, txt, xls, jpeg, bmp, ppt, png, wmf. Also it has such important functions as upgraded File Manager, timer, converter, and others.
    Samsung i320 is powered by 1000 Mah battery, and I don't think that's enough for phone’s functionality.
    The manufacturer promises that battery will hold a charge
    ~ 200 minutes in call mode
    ~ 150 hours in stand by mode
    Charging time takes less then 2 hours

    Samsung i320
    GSM 900/1800/1900
    111*59*11.5 mm
    95 g
    TFT, up to 65536 colors, 240*320 pixels
    1000 Mah LI-Ion
    WAP, GPRS, E-mail, SMS, MMS, Java
    1.3 Mpx
    Windows Mobile 5.0 SP
    Intel PXA272, 400 MHz
    64Mb of Ram, 128 Mb of built memory
    Expansion slot
    Bluetooth (A2DP), IR, USB
    Voice recorder

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    Looks nice but it won't be on my Wish List this year..

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    Samsung usually comes up with solid cell phones. I prefer Samsung...

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    phone sux

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    samsung is jack of all when it comes to quality and master of maybe only looks

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    this phone looks neat but no doubt id want the blackjack over this anyday

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    Re: Samsung I320 Review

    Helpful review and one of my fave phones.