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    Virgin Mobile recently released the LG LX175. It's a basic phone, no camera, no MMS, but on the plus side, it has Bluetooth, an external caller id, and has dedicated volume rocker, dedicated voice dial button. It is the only virgin mobile phone with a decent resolution. In fact, it is the phone with the BEST resolution, of all virgin mobile USA phones. The phone itself is basically, very strong. I've put it through a series of tests, I've thrown it at lockers, hard, i've thrown it down 3 stories, i've thrown it at concrete, it got ran over by a bike, and a car, and not a scratch has affected it. I've even dropped it in water. I don't know if i'm lucky, or if this is one hell of a phone. The ringer is very loud, however, if you have a hi-fi ringtone, and it goes off while the phone is closed, it sounds distorted. Besides that, you can customize the theme of the phone, the background, the call effect. It's a great phone for 30 dollars, and it's also great for a person who basically just needs a phone. The t9 text input is very responsive.

    The phone is also, very slick.

    See More: LG LX175: Flare

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    Re: LG LX175: Flare

    Well that is definitely phone for people that just need to use basic options, making calls and sending sms.

    For that price its pretty quality device. I really like it.

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    Re: LG LX175: Flare

    It looks cool but very basic. I wouldnt be able to use it.

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