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    which one is batter for investment

    bitcoin or onecoin ?

    See More: bitcoin vs onecoin

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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin

    Seriously you are comparing Bitcoin with Onecoin lol?
    There is earth and sky difference between Bitcoin and Onecoin... Definitely you should go with bitcoin

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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin

    Onecoin is still a young cryptocurrency still in its growth phase. 8th October is the date when it will be launched to the open market. Compared to bitcoin, onecoin is coming with a different structure and its main aim is to overtake bitcoin and become the biggest cryptocurrency in the future. It works on the basis of centralized blockchain technology with KYC(Know Your Customer) concept.

    If Onecoin remains steady after its ICO then it will without a doubt be better than Bitcoin for institutions mentioned here below

    Governments and central banks because it is not anonymous like bitcoin thus easier for people to carry out money laundering or even evade taxes due to usage of KYC within the blockchain

    Traders who want to trade only with stable cryptocurrencies

    People who want to save their wealth in the stable cryptocurrency without fear of losing it due to speculative bubbles bursting

    Bitcoin on the other hand will be popular for:
    • Terrorist establishments, black markets and similar organizations that need anonymity
    • Speculator who are willing to pump and dump Bitcoin price and earn money that way bearing in mind that there is just up to 21 Million Bitcoins in circulation.

    People who want to earn fast money due to swift movement of the value, but they can also lose. Moving forward, if you want to be well informed about the most current happenings in the crypto world, simply download the app cryptopanic on google play store. This website came in handy while I was looking for a phone good enough to support my crypto discoveries
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    Your thoughts are priceless

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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin


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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin

    I also think that these two cann ot be compaed since there is an obvious favorite which is bitcoin. The thing is I mine on a regular basis using cloud technologies via hashflare contract and some promo codes for it and I have to say that onecoin is nowhere near to be compared. You are totally up to choose what is better for you, but I must say that for me the decision is easy.

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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin

    Hah! Does anybody think that onecoin is better? Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that proved its price

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    Re: bitcoin vs onecoin

    The first time I hear in my life about the second token in general) Honestly, cryptocurrency for a short period is not the best investment yet. Another thing, if we talk about the work of blockchain applications, which are much higher than the current ones. Moreover, their development is engaged in more and more firms for example
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