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    just wanted everyone to know i work for cingular wireless, and if anyone has any questions about phones, or any new stuff that is coming out let me know and ill be glad to help

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    Is there anyway to get out of a cingular contract without having to pay the early termination fee. My wife is getting sub par service 75% of the time.

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    Using phone as modem

    Cingular used to supposedly offer the service that you need in order to use your phone as a wireless modem (in my case siemens s40 and s-e t68i) - you needed a 2nd "data" line or something like that at the time. I called a while back and was told that they can't offer that service. Is there any way that the service is still available, or was it ever available. If so, why isn't it now?

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    I disc my plan with cingular a month ago. I didn't like it because sometimes when i try to call someone, it transfers my call to some other person's cell. I am DIALING the right number, but it just wont go through. Its not only me but other people I know has that problem as well. Is it because cingular is overcrowded or something.

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    You are ESPECIALLY brave!

    You sound like one of the good guys... and it's obvious that you really want to help. However... I'm afraid that you may be on the wrong team

    I've done my homework and The Official Study results are in... and it doesn't look very good for Cingular... or AT&T... or Sprint.

    These three are at the bottom of the pile for major problems regarding poor coverage/reception, overbilling and general billing errors, REFUSAL to correct billing errors, and overall poor customer service.

    I personally became interested in this subject after having a multitude of service and billing problems with Cingular for over two years. These problems eventually led to my receiving a bill for over $3,000... when the bill should have been no more than $300.

    Granted, I had experienced this problem with Cingular before... but NEVER on this scale! At first, I thought that a simple phone call would straighten everything out... But it didn't. And that's where the nightmare began. To make a long story short... Cingular ended up basically extorting over $1000 bucks from my family over this situation... and they even damaged my credit in a malicious manner.

    For those of you out there that are satisfied with your Cingular service... I'm glad for you, and you should consider yourself VERY lucky because you would not believe how many people on the Internet are complaining about getting ripped-off by Cingular!

    Check out the details at my site if you want, and if you have any questions feel free to email me for more info.

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    Hi Coalsi-I have a question about Cingular service. When I call a friend, I get the message "at the subscribers request, this phone does not accept incoming calls". At first, I got the "unavailable" message. I figure he didn't pay his bill of $411 for that one, but now I don't get it. I know he could block all incoming, which doesn't make sense to me, but Cingular tells me they don't block individual numbers. Must be true, since I tried from a pay phone too. He has outgoing, I think--but not sure. Did he maybe make a partial payment or something? Other people can't get a hold of him either. He has no regular phone. Thanks for your help--
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    man, coalsi offered help and is no where to be found...

    thanks for nothing!

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