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    is that wat u call tapped
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    Hey everyone! ugh...where do i begin? I have been Missing In Action for about 3 weeks now. I am totally sorry. Ive had SO much going on. Ive had my ENTIRE computer crash, then my INTERNET modem broke, verizon didnt want to send me a new one, had to call about 4 times until they agreed it was broken. Then i had some home issues that prevented me from checking CPF and my email and then finally 8 days ago i got a 15 month old male chihuahua that i named Happi! So ive been EXTREMLY busy. I promise i will make every effort to get back in action on here as much as possible through out the day, again. Also, ive taken the link to my IM screen name and email off my profile because ive had some really weird IMs from poeple on here who wanted to talk about nothing phone related, therefor, i didnt feel it was nessasary to keep my personal info posted on here. IF there is anyone who has any questions theyd like to ask OR would like my screen name to chat about a phone situation, PM me on here and i will reply to you and let you know weather or not it would be nessasary to chat through IM or if PM is sufficent. ( Most times, explaining something is alot easier through IM ). I am sorry to those of you who had serious inquiries. I just couldnt deal with the 10-20 random IMs and harassing IMs from people on here. I blocked everyone except those who are on my buddy list, so if i do have my IM name still, it wont matter cause you cant get through. Wow, i just wrote a NOVEL!! haha! alrite, sorry about being MIA for so long, like i said, i will be back on here CONSTANTLY once again, within the next few days, once everything settles down around here...
    Hope everyones doing well!!!

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    R.i.P MB.LD.AA

    [ .i lOve my sidekick ll. ]

    *everything happens fOr a reason*

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    Re: M.i.a

    i know what you mean all the weirdo people lol. its ok to be m.i.a. i'm sure a lot of people are.. i know i have been ever since i got my sidekick II that is lmao. i just feel like not using the computer anymore since i got the sk2 i love ittttttttt! but hey renee have you done anything to your sk2 i'm looking into doing some exterior work on mine well MAYBE.. i'm thinking of sellin it soon so i can get the sidekick III!

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