I have a Nokia 6275i through Virgin Mobile Canada. I want to know from
other people who have the same phone what coverage is really like.
For instance I used to be with Telus. They claim digital coverage
right across Ontario. Last summer I went on a camping trip from
Niagara Falls to near Port Elgin, Ontario. I had a digital signal on
my cell phone right up to Guelph, yet when I left Guelph all the way
up to Port Elgin it was all analog. I could not get a digital signal
anywhere. The Telus phone I was using at the time was a Samsung a650.
I know it's not a new model, but still a decent phone.

So, I'm just curious if really there is digital coverage between
Guelph and Port Elgin, particularly in and around Listowel, Palmerston


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