I'm getting ready to get a new phone - the Samsung SGH-a737. I want to know the real story on what I can do with it. First of all, I'm not interested in downloading, using my phone ringtones, games and videos. I currently have the Motorola L7 and use my Mac to Bluetooth mp3 ringtones, videos, backgrounds, etc to my phone using simple drag and drop. I would like to know with the Samsung SGH-a737 Slider phone, if when I add 4gb micro cardm I can also bluetooth my own (not downloaded from the AT&T media center) mp3s, videos, backgrounds, etc. Also, is there a wired charger/headset port on the Samsung? Can I use a wired phone headset with this phone? Also, can I use this phone on an airline, turning off the radio aspect, and listen to mp3s or watch videos? Thanks!

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