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    Hey I ordered phone and service through TMIwireless as was suggested by the 'stickied' post by tavenger5.


    I made my order yesterday, but I get no email from them. I try to check my order online and every time it says check back in 2 hours. If I try to call them, I can't get a person. When I input my order number, it says it isn't in the system yet.

    I tried to call Cingular to see if my application was sent to them yet and they have no record of me in their system yet.

    I was already charged on my credit card. They seem to be able to that ok.

    So was I scammed or what?

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    20mi south of washington dc

    That is one site of many that is owned by some parent company... can't think of the name but cellularchoices.net, fonecentral.com, i think cellphoneshop.net,tmiwireless, and a bunch of others are all in on the same network...
    they all use whereismyorder.com to check order status....

    I know this because i tried to order 2 motorola razr v3 phones a few days ago and have my own little horror storey,...they claim that the computer crashed on their end and to try and call back next day after finding i had been cancelled,...by me?!? no i didn't.. anyway... i did call back and was told that I couldnt try again for 90 days
    .... screw that so I went with simplywireless.com and got 2 of em there for like $24.99 each...

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    Re: TMIwireless

    I ordered two phones, and receive on time. fine with it.

    But.....the rebate....there are so much hassel....

    sent them with rebate form, copy of barcode, 2nd month bill and sales receipt following the instruction.

    However they email me saying....

    "You did not submit a copy of your barcode; You did not submit your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd wireless bills; The bill(s) sent does not show an invoice/bill date"

    How can I submit rebate without barcode and wireless bill?

    Totally ridiculous!!!! Don't go with them.

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