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    Is there any devise/system/black box made that would allow someone to connect regular phones in the home to a cell phone? What I would love to be able to do is ... Come home take my cell phone and pop it into a cradle that would make all my house phones work through the cell phone and of course charge the phone. If this were possible, I could get rid of my landline and just have one phone and number.

    I would be grateful for any information about this.


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    i've never heard of such a thing and doubt it exists. sorry

    but i know lots of people who only use a cell and dont own a landline. if you have cable internet, or a satellite isp like direcway, then there is no need for a landline in your home.

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    Well you can use call forwarding. I'm not sure what the charge is for it but you can get your house phone to forward its calls to your cell phone. You might have to look into your provider and see if it is available and what they charge for it.

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