Cell phones; the thought of it gives me a headache, I mean they tell you that you have unlimited this and unlimited that but really itís never what it seems. I used to have my cell phone but it became too much of a hassle to pay my bill because I was always traveling and having to pay the expensive roaming fees that never seemed to fail. But like with any cell phones the one thing that does seem to fail is service, and with the business I am in thatís not an option. Which is why I started to research solutions, I came across this program from Prism LD which offered me unlimited long distance in the U.S. for only $49.95 a month, and for the price I couldnít beat it. Iíve been using the program now for over six months and am very pleased with the savings Iíve got, I mean I actually am saving about $30 dollars a month which is great! I highly recommend everyone checks this out! www.*******.com

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